Electrical Schematics Design

Our engineering team is design-oriented, with a focus on creating easily understandable and effective electrical schematics. We ensure that all components, including circuit breakers, relays, controllers, and meters, are arranged in a secure and efficient configuration. These schematics find applications in various contexts, from power distribution in buildings to the control of industrial machinery. The design process encompasses careful component selection, thoughtful internal layout, meticulous wiring, and comprehensive documentation to guarantee the efficiency, safety, and reliable operation of the electrical system.

Automation Application Development (PLC)

With a highly skilled team, we develop and create programs to control automated systems with PLC. This is essential for designing, programming, and testing control algorithms, ensuring they meet the specific needs of the customer and function reliably. This results in efficient, accurate, and secure solutions for industrial automation, contributing to process optimization and increased productivity.

SCADA Application Development

The development of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software by a team with years of experience makes all the difference. This process involves the creation of highly specialized monitoring and control systems. With an experienced team, it is possible to design robust SCADA solutions capable of efficiently and securely collecting, visualizing, and controlling data from industrial processes. The accumulated expertise over the years enables the creation of intuitive interfaces, effective alarm systems, and integration with various devices and systems, resulting in reliable SCADA solutions that meet the control and supervision needs in complex industrial environments.

LPS Design

LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) design, when carried out by a team knowledgeable about current standards, ensures the implementation of systems that protect buildings and structures against lightning in accordance with established safety guidelines. Our team understands and applies standards such as NFPA 780, ensuring that grounding systems, air terminals, and conductors are appropriately sized and installed. This results in reliable protection against lightning, reducing the risk of structural damage and providing safety for people and equipment.

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The commissioning, when accompanied by excellent documentation and strictly aligned with the schedule, constitutes a crucial stage in industrial projects. In this process, our professionals meticulously test the equipment and make adjustments to ensure that they operate as planned. The detailed documentation includes test records, operation manuals, and maintenance manuals, ensuring that operators have the necessary information. By adhering to the schedule, the team ensures that the installation starts operating within the planned timeframe, minimizing delays and additional costs. This results in a smooth transition to commercial operation and maximizes the return on investment.