The Motor Control Center (MCC) is an electrical system used in industrial facilities to manage and control electric motors. At Innset, they are designed to simplify the control and protection of motors in an industrial environment, such as factories, power plants, and production facilities. With the application of protective devices, such as circuit breakers and relays, as well as control devices like start soft starters and frequency inverters, this system allows operators to efficiently control, monitor, and protect electric motors, ensuring safe and reliable operation of industrial machinery and processes. All industrial control panels are UL508a certified.



Our Intelligent Motor Control Centers (iMCC) are state-of-the-art electric motor control systems used in industrial and commercial environments. Our iMCC systems are highly technological and incorporate the latest market innovations. They offer advanced features such as real-time monitoring, precise control, cutting-edge energy efficiency, network communication, predictive maintenance, and advanced protection. This results in exceptional performance, energy savings, and increased reliability for electric motors. All industrial control panels are UL508a certified.


The Low Voltage Switchgear (LVSG) is a crucial component in electrical installations that receives power from the grid and distributes it safely to various circuits and loads. We design our LVSG to meet all current safety standards and the specific demands of our clients. Our priority is to deliver a product of the highest quality that provides excellence in performance while offering excellent cost-effectiveness. All industrial control panels are UL508a certified.


Lighting Panelboards (LPB) are a key component in the electrical installations of buildings and commercial locations. Their main function is to distribute power efficiently to power lighting and electrical outlets in different areas of the building. Innset, with its expertise, provides solutions that deliver reliability and durability while maintaining extremely competitive costs. With us, you can rely on high-quality solutions to meet all your needs. All industrial control panels are UL508a certified.


The PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) Panels from Innset are a fundamental component in industrial automation systems, manufactured with the highest degree of quality and efficiency. They play a critical role in industrial automation, serving as the interface between operators and automated systems. Additionally, our panels come with manuals and designs that facilitate on-site connection, commissioning, and startup, ensuring a smooth and effective operation of industrial machinery and processes. This results in increased productivity and safety in industrial operations. All industrial control panels are UL508a certified.